The Paranormal Case of the Vanishing Water In An Open Water Container

Truly it was strange and a bit freaky, it seemed “out of this world”.

The water level was up to the red line, initially. The faucet where the hose was attached was left open after the vexatious daily water interruption. After leaving it there for quite some time, my lady observed that the water was reduced and asked if I happened to take water from it. I said no. I thought it was the kid, the likely suspect who frequently sneaks outside to do something to spend his juvenile energies with. But no, he didn’t go out at all.

So it wasn’t anyone of us. Spooky indeed.

This isn’t the first instance we encountered such a weird phenomenon. Same stories had been circulating in our subdivision’s Facebook page. It was much worse though. The story is that a drum-full of water is stored in a house just beside a water refilling station. The hose was still in the drum, with the end fully submerged in water and the faucet is intentionally left often, which was often the case since the water supply isn’t available 24 hours.

The owner of the drum-full of water was shocked when he found out that nothing was left of his water supply except for an inch from the bottom of the container. What’s strange is, the owner observed a negative pressure from the end of the hose (suction). This happened at the same time that the pumps of the water refilling station adjacent to them are turned on.

Can it be the same reason why a significant amount of water we stored went poof, and gone? There isn’t a water refilling nearby though but could the presence of booster pumps be the reason?

Pseudo Scientific Method 1 — Form Hypotheses

I thought this peculiar phenomenon is caused by either of the following:

  1. Either we developed momentary amnesia that we forgot it was actually US who took some water from outside.
  2. Evaporation. It’s hot and humid outside, and it’s summer y’know.
  3. There is a leak somewhere in the container.
  4. It’s suctioned by a pumping device.

Can any of these be the culprit? Let’s see.

Pseudo Scientific Method 2 — Testing the Hypotheses

Investigating the presented hypotheses above:

  1. It’s not anyone of us. End of story.
  2. Come on, really?!
  3. There’s none.
  4. Well that’s a possibility.

But before we can conclude that it was suctioned by a pumping device, the following has to be established.

Pseudo Scientific Method 3 — Further Deductions

  1. Is there any device installed that would otherwise prevent backflow (because that would prevent suction which in turn would render the suction theory improbable)?
  2. Would the current water line system at some point naturally experience backflow?
  3. Is there anybody else in the neighborhood who experiences the same difficulties in water supply?
  4. Are there businesses that would require a water supply that is greater than the average domestic consumption?
  5. Do you know anyone in the neighborhood who uses more than the usual household consumption?
  6. Are there any broken water distribution lines somewhere?

Pseudo Scientific Method 4 — Final Deductions

Answering the previous questions:

  1. There are no check valves (something you attach to the distribution pipeline to prevent backflow) used. There are only the gate valve and the water meter. Water meters don’t have built-in check valves inside.
  2. No/Highly unlikely. Main source of water is a non-pressurized overhead water tank whose primary mechanism is gravity flow.
  3. There are lots of them, lots of us in distress who are ready to call foreign intervention if possible.
  4. Water refilling stations. How their businesses survive despite the water supply problem is as intriguing as Big Bang itself.
  5. No one in particular, or none that is observable. The culprit by the way, need not possess a water business, everyone can just buy one.
  6. None. That I am sure because otherwise, everyone will be affected and it should’ve already manifested. Unless someone opens a hydrant which would drain all the water from the tank and all the water lines.

Now, based on the above, I can concur with certainty that the curious paranormal case of the reduced water in the container is caused not by some evil spell nor by restless spirits, but by none other than selfish dickheads with their illegally installed booster pumps.



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